Commercial Car Insurance is Critical for Companies Who Offer Company Vehicles

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As a business owner, you know that employee benefits and perks play a huge part when searching for the right people with top talent. However, if your business has little to offer, top candidates may take a pass on the position being offered. So how can you improve? Well, have you ever considered offering a company car?

Not all businesses will have a need for a company car, but that does not mean the idea of it should be axed. If it is in the budget, offering a company car may bring great success to your company. Here are a few things to consider while you are deciding:

  • Are you going to buy or lease your company car(s)?
  • Who will you turn to for commercial car insurance?
  • What sort of policies should you put in place when it comes to your commercial car insurance?
  • Will your employees be in charge of filling the tank or will the company take care of the expenses?
  • How will taxes work once you have a company car?
  • What sort of forms or agreements should be read and signed by the driver?

A lot of thought should be put into the decision to offer company cars. Those who have traveling salesmen or off-site workers will most likely benefit the most from this perk! Once you have come to final decision, come on over and speak with us at ABS Insurance Agency. We would be happy to discuss coverage options with you. Commercial car insurance for your company car is just as important as car insurance for your personal vehicle.


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